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This page is a compilation of tools that I either use most of the time or recommend.

As maintaining this type of page up to date requires quite a lot of work, I also included every time it was possible the home page address of every tool, in case a new version would have come up.

You will only find here free tools, or for some, such as the DivX Pro Codec, tools that needs registering. There is no crack or warez here. Only legitimate software.

(though some tedious american legislator could argue the content of certain rip pack that includes a dvd ripper tool, but here in France we (still) have a law that allows copying for private use for backups means, and as long as this law hasn't been abrogated or replaced by another one as our goverment has been promising (threatening ?) for some months, I don't see why I wouldn't offer them, whatever the forementioned tedious legislator, to whom I say and wish many things, thinks.

Aside of the WinMX tools, you'll find here mainly video related tools.

Last update : july 7th 2003

1. WinMX tools

2. Codecs

3. Video encoding tools

4. Audio encoding tools

5. Subtitles tools

6. Miscelleaneous Avi tools


1. WinMX tools

Mx Moni 1.28 Français (user guide)

Queue monitoring for WinMX version française (9x/NT/2000/XP)

Mx Moni 1.28 English (user guide) (home page japanese, link on the left for the english versions, many redirections, be patient)

Queue monitoring for WinMX English version (9x/NT/2000/XP)

MagixNap 1.7

Fetches openNap Server addresses

NapMX 3.0b2

Fetches openNap Server addresses

Nushi Chat 2.4e

Direct access to WinMX chat rooms without opening WinMX

RCMS 0.5 English

Remote Control Management System for WinMX Chat Rooms -
Advanced controls for chat room hosts

2. Codecs

DivX 5.05 Pro (home page) (Pro Bundle, needs existing prior registration)

Nimo Codec Pack Build 9 Beta 1 (home page) (contains MSPEG 4.3 encoder)

M3Jpeg V3

Cinepak Vid 32


Kristal 4.33 DivX 3/DivX 4 codecs

• Xvid - Koepi build - Stable (with direct show filter) : Xvid-04102002-1 (home page)

• Xvid - Koepi lates development version (on this site) (on Koepi's site)

• Xvid - Nic - standalone Direct Show filter : Xvid-Dec-230203

Xvid - Nic - Xvid section of Nic's site has closed may 3rd 2003

• Xvid - Documentation - Xvid Options explained (PDF document))

• Xvid - Documentation - 2 passes encoding guide (PDF document)


3. Video encoding tools

Gordian Knot 0.28.5 Rip Pack (home page)

Gordian Knot 0.28.5 Codec Pack 1.2 (home page)

(contains DivX 3.11, Divx 505 PRO unregistered,XviD Koepi Dev 14052003-1, AC3 filter 0.68b,

audio Playback filters, Huffyuv cce patch, ffdshow alpha 20030523)

Gordian Knot 0.28 Illustrated Encoding Guide MS Word document, very detailed with screenshots

AviSynth 2.5.2 (home page)

VirtualDubMod (home page) (contains all needed dlls for virtual dub compatibility)

VirtualDubMod 1.4.13 2V2 + DLLs for VirtualDub compatibility (home page)

Virtual Dub 1.5.1

Virtual Dub 1.5.1 Optimized for P4 (Virtual Dub home page)

• Virtual Dub filters (put in Virtual Dub/Nandub/VirtulaDubMod Plug In directory )

Logo 1.3b4

Delogo 1.3

Subtitler 2.3


Virtual Dub Filters Home Page

Nandub 1.0rc2 YUY2 Lumafix

• Converter Mov2Avi

VFAPI Codec Reader 1.5 (english version)

Quicktime VFAPI Reader for TMPGEnc (needs VFAPI above)


4. Audio encoding tools
Notes that more recent versions of those could be on the Downloads section of Doom9

Be Sweet (command line)

BeSweetGUI Graphical User Interface for BeSweet

BoostCli for BeSweet

TooLame for BeSweet

SSRC for BeSweet

Lame 3.92 MP3 decoder/encoder

5. Subtitles Tools

Vobsub 2.23 (home page)

VobSubStrip 0.11 (home page)

SubRip 1.17.1 (home page)

SubTitles Work Shop 2.0.1 (Home Page 1, Home Page 2)

6. Miscellaneous Avi Tools

GSpot 2.2.1 (home page) - Information on codecs used by an .avi

Avipreview 0.26 alpha (home page) - Préview avi files while dowloading them user guide

Avisplit 3.49 beta (home page) - Avi files splitter (needs Nandub installed)

AbcAvi Tag editor 1.6.1 - (home page) - Avi Tags viewer/editor. Use only on your OWN rips!

Msplit 1.53 (home page) - File splitter, allows to correct corrupted Incomplete files (user guide in french )

AviInfo 1.2a - Resynchroniaation of skewed soundtrack- see the guide)

DivXFix 1.10 (home page) - répairs avi corrupted files


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